We can return you cash for your vehicle registration number at NO COST to you.

We will handle all the paperwork and pay you promptly on completion of the retention / transfer.

The DVLA will issue you with an age-related replacement registration, a new registration document and a replacement tax disc.

The DVLA will also issue you a replacement MOT Certificate if applicable.

You keep using your vehicle during the transfer period and obviously keep it afterwards to resell, scrap or whatever you wish.

We have been trading since 1982 and are known as the south's leading cherished number plate dealer.

We buy outright for cash or can sell your registration on a commission basis.

We also purchase registrations complete with the vehicle they are on.

Please complete the following form with your details and any questions you may have.
We will email you with a valuation.
Some dealers will offer you a highly inflated price for your registration to secure sole rights for a commission sale and then offer a more realistic price some months later. We use our vast experience and past knowledge of similar sales to give you a realistic valuation from the start.


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